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custom puppetscustom puppets by Axtell

Terry Fator with Vikki the Cougar
& Winston the Turtle at the Mirage
custom made by Axtell Expressions

Custom Puppets

Custom Puppets for Madagascar by Axtell
DreamWorks movie premiere of
Madagascar featured Axtell custom puppets


Axtell Expressions has made custom puppets for

Terry Fator
Walt Disney Company
McDonalds Corporation
Twentieth Century Fox
Six Flags Theme Parks
LegoLand Theme Park
Black Bear Jamboree
Advertising Agencies
Television Productions
Church productions
Video and Film productions
and entertainers all around the world.

Before you contact us for a custom puppet, please understand that our line of characters is growing to include a multitude of new animals, creatures and people types. We may have plans to build a puppet similar to your suggestion already. However if we make a custom puppet for you, it would be unique from the characters we add to our line.

There are 2 ways to make your custom puppet.

EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM - We can make an incredible custom character for you - exclusively starting at $5000 - and up (depending on size & complexity) this includes the transfer of all copyrights to you (stage and media rights).  Animations such as blinking eyelids or moving eyes are extra. Exclusive Custom puppets are owned by the client, however Axtell retains the rights to the molds to maintain puppets for client. Portrait puppets that look like you cost more depending on the complexity, email Steve for more information.

NON-EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM - If we like your idea and see it could be a fit for our catalog, we can make the character for you FIRST starting at $500 & up (depending on complexity and rush fees) which include stage rights (media rights extra). The character becomes the property of Axtell Expressions, Inc. (you would receive the first one but not own any rights to it) and we'll add it to our line of products for others to purchase. Many of our catalog products were originated for customers in this creative and affordable way. This could work for you if you don't need exclusive rights. Non-Exclusive puppets are the sole property of Axtell. Media use of non-exclusive Axtell puppets needs Axtell copyrights to be displayed.

TERMS - Typically 50% non-refundable deposit. Progress photos sent by email to clients. 50% balance due plus freight before delivery. Axtell reserves the right to photograph and publicize the making of all puppets.

Custom Talking Trees!
Basic Latex Face with fiberglass support
Full Mechanical
Animated Face
Hands-Free Animatronic Trees

Big Tree face with mouth open by Axtell

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What can Axtell Expressions make for you?

ImagineLand Puppets Leala Bea
Gereral Sam Horse Puppet by Axtell
Old Blue Dog puppet by Axtell
Wenzel Pig puppet by Axtell, ImagineLand
Jack Houston's ImagineLand.
© Chaparral Ent.
Custom Puppets
VeggieTales © Big Idea
Porcupine Puppet by Axtell
© R.S. Agency
Custom Puppet image by Axtell
© TV Tree Productions.
Puppet made custom for Sylvia by Axtell
Custom Puppets
Greg's puppet by Axtell Expressions
Custom Puppets
Custom Puppets
© Ikkokudo - Japan
Custom Puppets
© Tom Lanza
Custom Puppets
Custom Puppets
© GAIZ Animation
Custom Puppets
Custom Puppets
Custom Puppets